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our Education is a tool which we can use to change the world

2021 Valedictory Address

I had the honour of representing the 2021 UNBC graduates from the College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences as their valedictorian. 
Persevering through a global pandemic with a goal to expand the reach of justice

CBC | Listen to University of Northern British Columbia valedictorian Lila Mansour's interview with Carolina de Ryk about attending the Lincoln Alexander School of Law after graduation and her goals to fight racism and improve access to justice for marginalized communities.

A partnership between the justice ed society and sada Canada

increasing access to justice

Access to justice is a human right. Therefore, language should not be a barrier. I am striving to make the law more accessible to traditionally marginalized communities. My aspiration is to support the Arabic-speaking community, newcomers, Muslims and members from the BIPOC community better access legal help and support and understand Canadian law. Below is a recording of one of my live webinars in Arabic about wills in BC, which has reached over 11,000 views on Facebook. There remains a critical need for lawyers from diverse backgrounds, especially lawyers who can speak Arabic.


Speaking up

See my address to the nation during the 2019 DoV National Conference. I spoke about issues relating to refugees, racism, Islamophobia and acknowledged the problems the Indigenous people of Canada continue to endure. This video also contains the passionate speeches of a few of my other fellow delegates.

Canada150 & ME and Experiences Canada 

Part of a Canadian Legacy

In 2017, Canada turned 150. Young Canadians from across the country were encouraged to submit any type of media/writing to describe what they thought was one of the biggest issues Canada would face in the next 150 years. My piece was one of 150 chosen out of many thousands. Winners got to attend July 1st Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa and experience a week of politics, volunteering and activities. We developed presentations about what we wanted the next 150 years to look like in Canada, and we had the honour of presenting our ideas to the Governor General.

To the World you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world

-Dr. Seuss

I am incredibly passionate about helping others. My day is not complete if I haven't helped someone or put a smile on a person's face. As an aspiring lawyer, I hope to use my education to deliver quality legal services and help people achieve their goals. I also hope to volunteer my time to make critical legal information more accessible for marginalized communities.